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NEW! PR and Marketing Handbook: Are you an ambulance company of distinction? Use the new AAA Public Relations and Marketing Handbook and its PR Checklist questionnaire. This new ambulance business tool will help you learn how to stand out as being uniquely qualified, expertly trained and well prepared to respond, treat and transport patients in your service area!

NEW! Line of Duty Death Handbook: This handbook is written to assist any EMS agency who must handle a Line of Duty Death. While every EMS agency is different, and many may have their own traditions as it relates to these incidents, it is important to handle these tragic occurrences with dignity, respect, confidentiality and sensitivity. Topics in this handbook include, but are not limited to: Pre-incident planning, post-incident issues, family issues, notifications and funeral considerations. Please visit: to order.

The AAA Medicare Reference Manual gives you one handy document for all issues concerning billing Medicare.  There are separate sections such as Filing Medicare claims, , coverage, Payment of Claims, HCPCS codes, modifiers, Appeals, when to bill Medicare vs. other payers, coverage criteria, special coverage issues, fee schedule issues, hospice, HMO, fraud and abuse, explains when you need/do not need the Advance beneficiary Notice of non-coverage, etc.  It also provides key sections of the regulations and manuals, as well as letters from CMS.  It not only provides all of these, but explains each item. 2011 EDITION NOW AVAILABLE CLICK HERE TO ORDER

The Compliance Manual is geared to setting up a compliance program to help you avoid fraud and abuse.  It gives you the basic components of a compliance program and suggestions for what to set up in your company.

Expanded Scope is a comprehensive guide for use by providers, customers and government officials interested in expanding the scope and effectiveness of their EMS and ambulance resources. 

EMS Structured for Quality is the definitive guide to designing, managing, and contracting for Emergency Ambulance Service. Developed by industry leaders with extensive experience in high performance EMS ; the guide provides a foundation for municipal, county, and state based contractors to select ambulance services that best meet the needs of their community. For EMS leaders, the guide is a blueprint to improving the EMS system through the implementation of evidence based best practices. Drawing from studies in the medical literature, the Institute of Medicine, and other peer reviewed sources, EMS Structured for Quality is a must have for anyone involved in the management or selection of Emergency Ambulance Service. To subscribe to this service please visit

The OSHA Manual provides an overview of OSHA including the legislative structure, and administrative scheme of the agency. It generally explains the occupational safety and health obligations imposed on employers by federal OSHA with particular attention to those obligations which impact ambulance services.

The Operations Toolkit is designed to provide solutions to the most common requests from members received by the AAA office and respond to feedback from several member surveys. This toolbox is a living document filled with over 300 pages of basic guidelines, fill-in-the-blank templates, custom forms, and example policies. The initial toolbox is divided into three parts: human resources, emergency preparedness and resources.


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